The Assistant Professor is very much uninformed. – Congress shouldn’t undermine conservation measures that can help rebuild New England fisheries

BDNFor my dissertation at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, I researched historical change in marine animal populations and coastalecosystems. Since returning to my native New England to work as a professor at Colby College, I have continued to document declining populations and ecosystem alterations. (it gets better) Read more here  00:10

  • Dandog

    Her talking points sound all to familiar.Another P.H.D. know it all. You know what that means boys,put on the hip boots .

  • Youngfisherman

    This is like a regurgitation of every EDF, CLF, OCEANA, greenwashing article ever written about fishing in New England. I noticed she must have asked Peter Shelly for a favor in a coat closet because this article just appeared on the talking fish website. Maine only has 230 miles of coastline? Didn’t menhaden have new restrictions put on their harvest last year? I could keep going on, but really, the only effort she made in this article was to make this readable to people that don’t know better, but believe what they read. She is a Dr.? Ear ache my eye. What a complete dimwit.