In the Guest Writer Column – Professor Bill Allen PhD.

I do scientific research on the Worlds Oceans studying the mating habits and reproduction of various sea creatures and their life cycles.  I have managed to fund my studies by various methods of capture of marketable, edible species of sea life, in which I sell as food for the American public and to other Countries. I have gained a wealth of knowledge in my years of participating in this endeavor,,, Read more here,  in the Guest Writer Column 20:25

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  1. Jim Kendall says:

    Professor Allen;
    My hope would be that you examine the harm & costs imposed upon the commercial sea scallop fishery as well. They, along with the shrimpers, have been among the most grievously impacted fisheries with regard to out of control management regulations imposed in the name of sea turtle protection.

    There has been a never ending demand for the industry to perform adaptations to their scallop gear as well as manipulations of their fishing practices. These demands have only continued to increase, not subside, as the sea turtle population increased dramatically.

    Apparently one of the most difficult changes that can be made with respect to the Endangered Species List, is not getting included on it, but to get a lowering of the conservation status listing, once it is made!

    While the Endangered Species Act itself may be a worthwhile method for the preservation of many critically wounded species, I believe that it plays a much more critical role in the preservation & the flourishing growth of the Conservation & Environmental Businesses’ coffers!

    Way to game the system fellas!

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