Whale research Vessel Shearwater traveling at 9 (?) knots plows into a North Atlantic right whale

ShearwaterA Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies research vessel  R/V Shearwater “accidentally” collided with a North Atlantic right whale Wednesday, prompting the organization to issue a warning Friday to area boaters of a great concentration of the marine mammals in Cape Cod Bay. Dr. Charles “Stormy” Mayo,  Read more here! 07:14

4 Responses to Whale research Vessel Shearwater traveling at 9 (?) knots plows into a North Atlantic right whale

  1. Ed Everich says:

    If a commercial vessels hits a whale there is hell to pay,what is the penalty for these zealots or do they have the” Ass Clown Marine Mammal Exemption Permit”. Classic case of ” Do as I say, Not as I do”. This is so typical of these ” Enviro Freaks” trying to save the planet, just another classic example of “playing in the water”.

    • craig stephen says:

      there’s hardly ever any hell to pay – big fishing companies get away with a lot more than bumping whales. and if it were not for enviro -freaks we may not know as much as we do about climate change and greenhouse gases . but you prob think that’s all made up :)


    What do you expect if a larger state of the art Research Vessel capable of High Speeds and rough Seas can ignore the Visible Whale speed limit and hit a Whale during a NOAA demo cruise. Then only get a slap on the Wrist. They can say they were just helping with Barnacle removal here. In the world according to Janie anyway.

  3. Ed Everich says:

    Lets see Craig, Days at sea, sectors, such poor science that it shouldn’t be called science,fraud and harassment in NMFS enforcement, wind energy lease grabbing, all of these supposed “Green Groups” being funded by big oil, the sky rocketing seal population, you must believe in the big green Easter Bunny if you have any valid basis for stating that the big fishing companies are getting away with anything other than trying to make a living for many people that rely on fish for food and residual local economic benefit. My son fishes the Bering Sea in the winter on a mid water trawler for Alaskan Pollack, From where do you draw your knowledge of the fisheries ? They have mandatory observers and fish one of the cleanest fisheries that provide a major food source for many people. I would love to know what your experience and credentials are.

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