Stand behind a sustainable commercial fishery – oppose Oceana and Turtle Island Restoration Network sponsored AB2019

California’s AB2019, The Swordfish Fishery Sustainability and Marine Wildlife Conservation Act, represents the latest attack on a sustainable, highly regulated, commercial fishery.  California drift gill net fishermen are the latest targets.  This bill will make the use of drift gill nets illegal.  On Tuesday, April 29 the Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee of the California State Assembly will hold a hearing on AB-2019.  The bill’s sponsors are Oceana and Turtle Island Restoration Network. Read more here 11:47

Confessions from the Lone Shark Conservationist Who Supports California’s Drift Gillnet Fishery Read more here


    I find myself blocked from the whole story again. America has come undone and it’s time to take it apart. Then put it back together the old American way. Get out the Power Washer and clean up these Assholes and the Shit that clings to them.