The Magnuson-Stevens Act is in Need of Congressional Attention

In a recent article titled, “The Magnuson Act: It’s a Keeper” and published in the media outlet Roll Call[1], Eric Schwaab and Bill Hogarth’s representation that the current fisheries management regime is a success and bviewer-call-to-action-e1381518852468uilt on sound science is blatantly false and amounts to no more than agency based rhetoric rather than reality.  At present, there are a total of 7 Economic Disasters that have been declared by the Secretary of Commerce throughout the United States.  These economic disasters are not limited to one region of the country, they span from New England, down the East Coast, into the Gulf of Mexico, and along the Pacific Coast.  Read more here 16:41

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  1. MIGHTYJ says:

    Great Article… fishery management is currently being heavily influenced by big energy interrests and their environmental henchmen. Gone are the days of successful management for the good of the tax paying public. The people are not worthy of consideration and those who were supposed to represent us have turned coat……

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