At the request of the NEFMC With industry support NOAA announces closing of Elephant Trunk Area to scalloping

At the request of the New England Fishery Management Council with the support of the scallop industry, NOAA Fisheries announced today that it is closing the Elephant Trunk Area to all scallop fishing for 180 days through emergency action, from December 12, 2012, through June 10, 2013. A revision to the Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan (Framework Adjustment 24) and following actions will likely keep this area closed for up to another 2 years, once this action has expired.

 The 2012 scallop survey saw the third highest observed abundance of small scallops in the ETA since 1979. These scallops need to be protected to allow them to grow for their future harvest. The success of the entire scallop area rotation program depends on timely openings and closing of access areas in order to protect scallop recruitment and optimize yield. Click here for more information and to view a chart of the ETA area.

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