Upbeat NOAA fishery report challenged


NEW BEDFORD — To say that Richard Canastra didn’t quite believe an upbeat NOAA report on the state of the Northeast groundfish industry is to understate it.

“It’s a crock,” said Canastra, who co-owns the BASE seafood display auction. Only a few days ago he was telling regulators that this year might be the fleet’s “last hurrah.”

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration painted a sunny picture in a Dec. 26 report, saying that even with a smaller fleet, the catch was up, profits were up and total catch was up.

Canastra replied: “The headline looks great but when you look at it it’s just like the science. Everything NOAA does they try to cover up.”

There was also unanimous suspicion about the timing of the report, which was released the morning after Christmas, usually not a big news day. Read More

2 Responses to Upbeat NOAA fishery report challenged

  1. scupguy says:

    What goes on with this agency? Has it become a case of the little boy who cried wolf? Industry has been crying wolf for decades and it falls upon deaf ears.

    This is the reality folks. An entire american industry
    is being dismantled by outside influences that have weasled their way into the management process. Radical enviornmentalism is ruining this nation

    • borehead - Moderator says:

      Pew has created the monster, and a bunch of cottage enviro businesses. They are all in it for the money at the expence of hard working fishermen.
      The agency is lousy with them. Scabies.

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