Ginger Zee of ‘Good Morning America’ heads north to work a fishing boat on ‘Deadliest Catch’

Zee joins the crew of the family-owned Northwestern, a 125-foot fishing ship. She’ll spend time with Mandy Hansen, the first female crew member to be featured on “Deadliest Catch.” “The only thing I’m really worried about is getting seasick.” A former member of the crew who films the show once told us that even the most grizzled fishermen featured on “Deadliest Catch” usually spend much of their time on the Bering Sea tossing their cookies. WHAT?? Read the rest here

  • alaskagal

    Hmmm… Not sure I believe these claims about how common seasickness is. Not that I haven’t been there (before Bonine became my best friend.)

    • borehead

      I have a hard time believing its a problem for most of the guys. I knew a guy that got sick regular, but he was a rarity. I wonder if Hansons gonna paint the boat pink!