Someone should Boot the Boston Globe Editorial Staff – As codfish dwindle, communities need to reboot

With codfish at their lowest level in history, it is hard to give credence to fishermen and political leaders who believe New England’s iconic catch would be just fine if only nosy researchers and regulators would get out of the way. A really lousy Boston Globe editorial. Read the rest here 07:52

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  1. ytreggah says:

    The federal government through NOAA has an ocean renewable energy goal of 3000 square miles of commercial wind turbines. They want the fishing industry out and the wind industry in !

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Typical and pretty disturbing to figuratively classify fishermen as back room wheel-dealers looking for free handouts…in fact coming from the LEFTIST running the Boston Globe, this final paragraph shows you why our country is being torn at its very moral fabric by these progressives:

    To wit:

    “For 20 years, fishermen have relied on vote-counting politicians to
    enable them to avoid the inevitable by begging Washington for disaster
    relief and congressional earmarks, which currently total $116.6 million.”

    I was just at a Sandy Disaster Relief Fund meeting the prior week, and not ONE fishermen cried for a handout, NOT ONE! Everyone did what they had to do to get their business going, while trying deal with all the red tape. Whatever you get from the fund, “if you file the paperwork and are approved” is a few thousand….to buy a laptop or something like that (that was mentioned at the meeting)!

    The majority of fishermen want the government and their ENGO-butt buddies to stop undermining the American fishing industry as they have done over the last decade. That is what fishermen have been talking to politicians about.

    Now when government “screwed up” the New England ground fishery when Dr. Janes Catch Shares was implemented in 2010, again it is the fisherman’s fault and they have to “ADOPT” as was mentioned in the article. Nice….. Hey tools at the Globe, why don’t you tell bureaucrats in DC to hammer IRS Lois Lerner to give up her big fat pension after all the ideological leftist work that has so far been uncovered and done against conservative and religious groups in this country? (see: )

    You bet,….fishermen cleansing policies in one federal agency so that another federal agency can sell wind energy leases on the water….and they will keep telling you “it’s all good.” Yep, we heard that before!

    Boy, there was a time in this country when their were news rags which supported the working man….no wonder why most are becoming irrelevant.

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