NOAA study shows shrinking fleet – a perpetual struggle that will only be amplified in Fishing Year 2013,”

Keiley said she believes people are “frustrated” with the report because “they want to know two things:” “Are people making money … and how many people are working,” she said, “and those are two questions the report does not, and Salazar+MMS+Director+Testify+House+Hearing+enFuUMv-6cEcreally cannot answer directly.” She said she did not blame the Science Center because “they have presented everything they can.” “This is a situation where data is insufficient to provide the analysis people want,” she said. Keiley also pointed out that “revenue is not evenly distributed. The top 50 percent of vessels earned 90 percent of the total revenue, leaving the bottom 50 percent of vessels earning only 10 percent of the total revenue. Read More

  • boots44

    This report is like trying to discuss baseball standings, but only listing the wins and not the losses. It’s impossible to do that. The report not only fails to mention the cost of quota; it fails to mention that a percentage of every dollar made goes to the sector for sector fees, the cost of dockside monitoring, mandated VMS upgrades, and other costs imposed by NOAA on fishing vessels under this program. The list goes on……..