The impact of the New England Fisherman in Crisis hits Charley Baker, In Mass Governor race, hard

Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker answered questions about when they had last cried. Right away Baker got emotional, describing what a fisherman told him about his sons who got scholarships to play college football. “I told them no. I said, (pause) you’re gonna be fishermen. I was a fisherman. My brother was a fisherman. My father was a fisherman. And I ruined their lives.” That choked me up, too. Video, and Read the rest here 08:27

  • Ec Newell Man

    Nothing like making an impromptu comment like this to show what a progressive ideologue Coakley is:

    “Coakley says if local cities and towns support allowing non-citizens to vote, she doesn’t object. Baker doesn’t support that.”

    Allowing non-citizens, to have a vote?

    What does that say about undermining the sovereignty of any state…our nation?

    Coakley well knows or should at least being the AG, that this cannot be done in federal elections, but here again we see the progressives mindset which continue to support measures that will “transform” our nation.

    People of Massachusetts, don’t let this election get away..Support Charlie Baker for Governor!