Maritime fisherman finds much success using crack cocaine as bait (satire)

CrackFisherman_BannerThe reaction towards Leonard Grey’s fishing technique around North Lake Prince Edward Island is certainly mixed. After accidentally discovering that local fish are mysteriously attracted to crack cocaine, he has become the area’s most successful fisherman and unapologetically continues to use the narcotic as bait.  Read the rest here and click the listen button. 19:58

  • Ec Newell Man

    In proper NYPD parlance….”he’s a collar”…..


    Using “8-ball” as fishing bait?

    How did the crack, now in his possession, accidentally get on his boat in the first place?

    Is he insinuating that his glass pipe slipped out of his hand as he was ready to blaze up, and a fish came up and swallowed it?

    If you believe that……………and maybe the most outrageous fishing story I have ever read.

    • borehead

      I cracked up(oops) when I listened to it! Its all in there!

  • Sandy Yates

    Okay. that is insane.

  • StripedBassHole

    He must have deep Pockets otherwise he’d change his “METH”od…