Marine scientists beholden to conservation group funding

The Dec. 27 Associated Press article “Fight looming over New England fishing territories,” shed a public light on another upcoming regulatory matter. In my view, there was a lot of “between the lines” information that warrants clarification in that article since it indicated that 138 scientists have taken a specific position. I have no malice toward good and sound science, as well as the individuals that are dedicated to its pursuit. Read the rest here 06:44

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    I think a lot of us find ourselves “READING BETWEEN THE LI_ES”.

  2. jmknbsc . says:

    My response to Erik’s fine rebuttal of Scientific Habitat Article 1/2/15

    An excellent
    rebuttal on the improper use of “science” Erik! One issue that you
    did not challenge these “scientists” on, has to be considered as well
    as their bona fides, & that is how did they come to these conclusions? Many
    of them have apparently done as you suggested & formed a line similar to
    lemmings & signed on to a report that benefited them rather than any
    portion of the ocean ecosystem.

    If we could
    actually get 138 true scientists involved with accurate surveys, & the
    analysis of them, then perhaps we might be able to deal with the actual
    problems that exist, & their causation, rather than the middle-ages’
    scientific views, of environmentally funded charlatans.

    Rather than
    learning how to turn lead into gold, many of them have truly learned how to do
    that same feat, by simply using saltwater to do the same.

    Jim Kendall
    – NBSC

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