“I’m gonna cash in and screw.” – King of New England groundfishing plans to sell his fleet out of New Bedford

The biggest player in the New England groundfishing industry says he is cashing out of the business, selling off his scallopers and later his groundfish draggers, which count among the last in the country’s top-grossing fishing port. Rafael refused to name the company but said his decision is in response to the state’s cutting in half the amount of federal groundfish disaster relief aid he would get. The policy applies to all Massachusetts permit holders but will affect only Rafael because he’s the only one with more qualifying permits than the 10.9 permit cap. Read the rest here 11:38

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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    I do hope someone actually takes the time to sit down with the ‘Prince’ and writes his life story…unfiltered.

    You have to love this:

    “Rafael, 62, said he started working on the docks when he was 19. He said he will seek to become a citizen of Cape Verde, which he said “is a democracy” where he’ll be exempt from paying taxes for the first eight years. “They work with you,” he said of the Cape Verdean government. “Here they want to tax you to death.”

    Well Prince, I just wonder how many times you supported, voted for, and sent campaign contributions to those progressives in your state and to those leftist and RINO’s I should add, in Washington. It is that mentality that has caused our REPUBLIC to be turned upside down over the last decade.

    Definitely brings to mind the expression, “you get what you paid for…”

  2. illusion1256 says:

    No matter how anyone feels about Carlos this will not be good for the industry as a whole. Carlos has supported the industry in in one way or another for a long time, he has made friends and enemies along the way, but ultimately this will be another blow to the industry and New Bedford. This will cost jobs ultimately in am industry that has lost to many already. Mark Phillips

    • jmknbsc . says:

      Mark is 100% correct in his assessment of this fiasco. It goes even further than that, this is a blow against the entire industry not only here in New Bedford, but the entire state. The impact will be shared among many providers who will lose the business that Carlos’ boats have continued to provide throughout this entire fishery disaster!
      To have the money that was intended to ease some of the financial pain be the root cause of this continuation of damages to our industry is a complete shit-storm! It should never have happened & those responsible should admit their errors & not be in denial!
      For John Bullard to claim that he’s not concerned, is because he doesn’t have to share in our pain. It shouldn’t really need to be fait accompli before it causes concern. In our poor state of fishery affairs, just such an imminent threat is enough to make most affected people have cause to worry!
      Jim Kendall – NBSC

      • borehead says:

        It was interesting to watch Diodati’s move. I expected to see more fight from the CodFather. He was pissed, and it was a surprise.
        It was revealed this week that Wanchese Fish Company is selling out to Cooke Aquaculture, and there are questions about the quota held by Wanchese.
        What are the implications with this?

  3. Joel Hovanesian says:

    He got screwed by the government. As much as a villan he seems to be, in the big picture the government and those who are in power are responsible for all of our industries ills. Divide and conquer is working to a T. Focus your anger on the assholes who drive this bullshit down our throats. I can think of worse villans. You all know who they are. You know, the all for me and screw you crowd. And Jim you are correct, Bullard doesn’t give two shits about fishermen.

  4. StripedBassHole says:

    Well FUCK ME RAGGED!!! It’s time to turn back the “CLOCK”. “COREXIT JANIE” are you HAPPY NOW??? Revert everything back to “DAYS AT SEA” each Vessel was constrained to it’s Length, Gross Weight, Hold Size, and Horse Power. It was working until the EDF CHAIRWOMAN and the MILKEN INSTITUTE (RELATIVE of MICHEAL “DEN OF THIEVES” MILKEN) FUCKED THE DUCK and killed the GOOSE with the GOLDEN EGGS. What happened to 1976 MAGNUSON’S 200 MILE LIMIT? Has the Rug been pulled out from underneath AMERICA in AMERICA. CUT THE SHIT enough with this “HOSTILE TAKEOVER”. I bet RUSSIA still has some SUBs for sale. It’ll be time for a “DAS BOOT REDAUX”!!! Bullard you’re an IDIOT… A big FUCK’N DOUGH FACED IDIOT… Why don’t you put your Hands in your POCKETS and get a hold of yourself. Do you and Janie wear the same size DRESS??? Out of sight out of MIND, just like the BP SPILL. Slight of Hand and I’m not talking about your POCKETS JONIE… Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit watching the Movie “AIRPLANE”. Believe me that makes just as much sense as this WHOLE MESS…

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