BOSTON: Fisheries summit a rallying cry

20131019_113944  Miss TrishThe fishermen, scientists, fishery regulators and environmentalists who slogged through slushy streets and half-cleared sidewalks below could only wish that the summit they were attending Monday had a similar sunny prospect. But this was not a meeting to announce some dramatic turnaround for the beleaguered New England fishing industry. This was a rallying of the troops in advance of a new fishing year in May that promised deeper gloom than the one just past. Read the rest here 16:56

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    Time to go to work CONGRESS. JANIE slipped by the SENATE INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE without a PEEP of Her COPIED CATCH-SHARE PROGRAM from the LAND of the SHEEP “N.Z.”… She wasn’t here to “HELP” she had an EDF “AGENDA”. The DEATH of “TRADITION” and the gluttony of “PRIVATIZATION of a NATURAL RESOURCE”. What did CHEVY CHASE use to say on “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE”??? All I can say it could’ve been a direct hit here…
    What a FUCK’N JOKE an ECOLOGIST enabled “THE GREATEST PLANET ALTERING PLANET EVENT” if the CRUDE wasn’t bad enough. Let’s throw a HIGHLY TOXIC CHEMICAL in TOO. We already new what “COREXIT” did for VALDEZ!!! Here’s your opening CHEVY what were those WORDS?
    We can’t forget the mighty “O”, can you say IMPEACH the MAN with the FOREIGN STUDENT VISA with an all expenses paid “COLLEGE EDUCATION” in AMERICA, not to mention “SPRING BREAK in PAKISTAN”..
    Do we have a TREASONOUS JUDGE on the “SUPREME COURT”???.

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Now that is a rant!

    It is apparent where this country is going under President Zero. We have said it time and again over the years, and now we have become the few who speak out on these issues as they are putting the kibosh to the fishing industry in this country.

    I have not said much lately as I have seen how the hammer continues to come down on various fisheries so far this winter, and NMFS right now is the same as NMFS was then under Lady Jane, but without her stirring the pot and making the news as she was well known to do.

    There are bigger issues in this country which “We the People” have to devote our time and energy to, especially with the lawless executive action cretin radically transforming this country.

    Keep the faith Striped Bass Hole….22 months and counting.

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