Halibut bycatch tough to manage

alaska-halibut__frontA lot has changed in Alaska since commercial vessels began fishing for halibut off the coastline in 1888, but in almost 130 years, halibut has remained a staple of the state’s fishing economy and culture. Along with salmon and crab, no species of fish captures the Alaskan imagination and fills Alaskan pocketbooks more than halibut. So it comes as little surprise that the Bering Sea fishery’s estimated 4.5 million pounds of halibut bycatch in 2014 has lot of people concerned. Read the rest here 18:18

One Response to Halibut bycatch tough to manage

  1. StripedBassHole says:

    It’s plain an simple “The Industrialized Fisheries BYCATCH” has snuffed out all “TRADITIONAL FISHERIES”. The 1976 Magnuson Fisheries Act was created to STOP this issue. The Magnuson/Stevens ACT swung the “SPIRIT” of the original ACT 180 Degrees…
    I guess you really could say PLAIN but by no means SIMPLE nor equitable…

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