Red Snapper scheme could destroy fishery

If this scheme becomes law, it could soon become difficult or impossible to legally buy American Red Snapper. Retailers, restaurants and grocery stores will be simply unable to provide consumers with the genuine American Red Snapper that is increasingly popular across the country.  Read the rest here 09:40

One Response to Red Snapper scheme could destroy fishery

  1. You’re kidding me right?
    NMFS has completely removed the recreational fishery and awarded it to commercial fisherman exactly like they allotted tobacco to the tobacco farmers back in the day.

    EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID BACK IN 1982 that they woud never do. that it was unconstitutional to award exclusive right and access to a particular group.
    Completely ruined fair trade and awarded it to a select few.

    ITQ’s are criminal. ESPECIALLY the way they have it set up.
    Now, if a guy who fishes for a living has to buy it at $3 lb from a person who site at home on his fat ass collecting money because he was “awarded” an allotment.

    The states will do a much better job at managing the fishery and make it a viable fishery.

    NMFS says Red Snapper are still endangered ….. They are ass deep to a giraffe anywhere you go in the Gulf.

    Who paid you to write this article? Obviously those who ware “Awarded an Allotment”

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