Fishing Industry Legend Commerce IG Todd Zinser steps down

With pressure mounting on Capitol Hill for his removal, the controversial inspector general for the Commerce Department announced his resignation Wednesday night in an e-mail to staff. With the subject line “News to share,” Todd Zinser wrote that he was retiring due to “important family business.” “I have never been one for long goodbyes or a lot of fanfare but I do need to let you know that today I informed the President and the Secretary of my intent to retire effective at close of business today,” he wrote. Read the rest here  16:47

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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    A Washington Com-Post story and the politico linked to it, Demo-Crap ‘Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’….the same E.B. Johnson, who took care of her own with her infamous “hands-on” involvement in the “scholarship scandal.”

    Question….why does she still serve the people of her congressional district?

    As for IG ZInser….you did an incredible job against a rogue administration which stonewalled and covered up what amounts to criminal improprieties at NOAA along with the attacks on his credibility over the years.

    For someone at his level to leave ASAP, essentially means that the winds were blowing for him to get out of dodge by retiring before being escorted out of his office with whatever he could shove into a grocery box.

    Even in these upside down days in the bureaucratic beltway, this is highly unusual.

    • borehead says:

      Of Course, the Congresswoman from Texas is all for the hiring of convicted felons in her RICO group.

      Dem Congresswoman Hires Convicted Felon

      In January, a Democratic congresswoman from Texas hired a convicted felon who spent a year in prison for her role in a public corruption scandal.

      The congresswoman’s office does not want to talk about it.

      Congressional information service Legistorm reported that Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson has hired former Democratic Texas state representative Terri Hodge for a position in her Dallas office.

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Texas is one of our greatest states in our union, but they have some collection of characters with not only E.B. Johnson, but the notorious Sheila Jackson Lee. One of the lowest of the low in congress…and that is saying a great deal with some of the slime bags in DC.

    Kudos to ex-Governor Rick Perry for giving one of the most inspiring presidential announcement speeches so far. Mentioning and having the Luttrell brothers and Taya Kyle, and the service they gave to this country.

    We need leadership here and people who believe in the goodness and foundation of what this country is about…. As much as people here bitch and moan on what is going on, standup and start supporting candidates who want to bring back our country from the tail spin we have been in since this reprobate has been in office.

    Bore Head, it starts now in uniting people here so that we can fix government, especially rooting out the corruption in those abusive agencies such as the Commerce Dept. IG Zinser had an extremely checkered tenure, but he did do something in outing the abuses committed to fishermen and liberties taken by those at NOAA.

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