Fogo Island codfish making its way to Toronto restaurant plates

Cod bled and iced at sea for the Fogo Island Fish project.Fogo Island codfish has caught the attention of Toronto chefs hook, line and sinker. When construction of the Fogo Island Inn and artist studios was complete, Anthony Cobb turned his focus to something more traditional — codfish. Cobb launched a pilot project, called Fogo Island Fish, whose goal was to put codfish caught by Fogo Island fishermen in the hands of Toronto chefs. “Conditions in the cod fisheries haven’t changed much since the 1960s,” Cobb said. “My father left the cod fishery because he couldn’t get a decent price for his fish, and fast forward 50 years or so and you still can’t get a decent price for fish if you’re a fisherman.” Read the article here 09:57

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