Anna Maria crabber vs. shark fisher debate begins

am-shark-prohibition-hackney-012016-trIt was a standing-room only meeting, as attendees filled the seats inside the chambers and filled the hallway. Anthony Manali, a stone crabber and owner of Captain Anthony’s Stone Crab Store, was the first to speak. “I don’t care if you shark fish,” Manali said. “You can shark fish all you want. But that inside line on the beach has historically been where we make most of our income at the beginning of the stone crab season. It’s very important for us to be there.” Manali had brought the stone crab issue to the commission in December, saying late-night shark fishers were destroying many of his stone crab traps. Manali valued his loss — traps and potential catch over several years — at $40,000. Read the article here 08:53:

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