Governor Kasich and the New Hampshire Fishermen

Kasich vows to help fishermenWhen John Kasich tells you that he is a skilled executive, believe him. Governor Kasich met with several New Hampshire fishermen on 8 January.  David Goethel, owner and captain of the 44-foot fishing trawler Ellen Diane, is suing NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) for bureaucratic overreach and has explained his position in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. Governor Kasich read the op-ed and as a result requested the meeting. This was not a campaign stop. Nobody took names for a mailing list; nobody handed out bumper stickers.  The governor was there to learn and to help. Read the article here 09:06

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  1. philips66 says:

    Stoked to see Mike Johnson writing on this issue again at the American Thinker. Check his archive there, if you haven’t read his previous articles!

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