The fishermen’s filmmaker

B9323049921Z.1_20160721153904_000_GU6F1R0F9.1-0Dave Kaltenbach has been capturing the Viking Village fishing fleet on video and in his art for years. He has several videos he has made on Long Beach Island, including one on the aftermath of superstorm Sandy. His most recent film, “Yesterday’s Fish, Today’s Challenges,” was show at the Lighthouse International Film Festival on Long Beach Island in June. It tells the long history of the fishing port of Barnegat Light, now commonly known as Viking Village. A longtime resident of Barnegat Light, now living in North Carolina, he considers himself the “Filmmaker for the Fisherman,” despite having made movies, documentaries on a variety of subjects, as well as commercial and music videos. “Capt. John Larson got me involved with filming the fishermen 18 years ago,” he said recently. Read the story here 17:23

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