Seafood Buyers Visit the Source at Viking Village

f-Wegmans%20TrinityThe Wegmans supermarket chain chooses seafood from Barnegat Light for 20 stores in the tri-state area. One recent summer Monday, Viking Village Commercial Seafood Producers hosted a visit from several Wegmans officials, who were there as guests of purchasers Trinity Seafood of Lakewood. “Wegmans is proud to say their fish comes from Barnegat Light,” reported Trinity General Manager Mike Carson. “They have some of the highest-quality seafood on the Eastern Seaboard.” Carson said Trinity is Wegmans’ primary local seafood vendor, and is able to supply the chain with quality products caught close to the stores. “For instance, we get a lot of oysters from Cape May, clams out of Sandy Hook, and we do a lot of monkfish, scallops, sword, albacore, mahi and flounder between Point Pleasant and Viking Village,” he said. Ron Vreeland, director of operations at Viking Village, led a tour of the facilities at the dock and outlined sustainable fishing practices. Read the story here 13:45

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