Fishing aid letter ignores catch share impact

A draft letter to congressional leaders from the office of Sen. John Kerry, circulating within the New England delegation in connection with a proposed and controversial fisheries aid package, blames the decline of the groundfishery on weakened fish stocks — and nothing else.

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  1. Something smells,,,,,,fishy!

    As the organized continue to control the conversation, while claiming the majority, there sure are a lot of fishermen that as always, had no idea this was in the works.

    Cartels, secretback door dealers, secret petitions, skull and bones wannabes and those diabolically wringing their greedy hands just knowing they have this thing locked up should not feel confident. They should be ashamed.

    In the fish business, these are the City Groups, the AIGs, and the JP Morgans!

    Hell. They had no shame either!

    How crafty that the Walmart/EDF Catch Share Scheme has been ommited from the equation of destruction, and the willingness to accept a bogus, incredible, trawl survey that has one eightied the projected rebuilt by 2014 claim?

    Think Pollock. 600% increase?

    Because they were wrong?

    Instead the organized will ignore fact to fuel their winning agenda of being the consolidated through omission.

    Before any decisions on any of these issues, there must be full public disclosure of the source, and authoring of this fact neglected letter.



  2. philips66 says:

    Senator Kerry aka "Lurch (you rang?)" takes useless to another level. Thankfully we have Senator Brown, who dropped a new tv commercial recently on us. It's great, a commercial where he bashes NOAA, and stands up for our fishermen. Let's hope the fake indian doesn't win in November!

    • borehead says:

      I jam for Scott Brown and slam the lyin' Lizzard. Another phony.
      If you guys notice a box, top right corner with a number, click it. A drop down displays comments. clik the comments and it brings you right there! Pretty frickin' neat!

  3. stripedbasshole says:

    No need to send in the Clowns. They're already there. Squeak Squeak Janie.

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