Obama, Clinton only impede private industry

barack-obama-hillary-clintonI am writing in response to the Sept. 17 news story, “Fishermen upset over the Atlantic monument creation.” The article quotes Grant Moore, president of the Atlantic Offshore Lobstermen’s Association, who says: “Basically with the stroke of a pen, President Obama put fishermen and their crews out of work and harmed all the shore-side businesses that support the fishing industry. In last past eight years, the Democrats have attempted to restrict jobs, put out of work or demonize oil and gas pipeline workers, coal miners, power plant workers, truckers, police officers, small business owners and their employees, and ranchers and farmers. If Hillary Clinton keeps her promise to be Obama’s third term, what is next — health insurance workers, pharmaceutical workers, seafood restaurant workers, bankers, or anyone who is not in a politically correct group? Who is going to be left working to pay for the ever-growing entitlements? The only sure job in the Clinton administration would be Classified Email Reviewer, with no security clearance required. Gary Sahakian, Johnston R.I. Link 16:14

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