A Proposal for NOAA – Sean Cosgrove (CLF)

Why does this current groundfish crisis seem so familiar? As the populations of New England’s cod, haddock and flounder have continued to decline, it’s not surprising that the number of fishing boats chasing them have declined. The business of consolidation within any,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


John Bullard, NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. MPBN Radio Interview – August 29, 2012

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me when I read what the Sean Cosgrove's of the world write, especially when they just seem to have all the answers on how the federal government has to 'manage' fishermen and the fishing industry. We have seen how well that has worked out lately.

    It seems that your suffering from selective amnesia here bud, as your brethren from the EDF were one of the lead collaborators to ram-rod down the throats of New England fishermen, a CATCH SHARES program which has failed so miserably, that there should be immediate congressional hearings by the oversight committee on why no one at NOAA or the NMFS has been held accountable for this costly mess.

    In fact, since you brought up NOAA, lets look at this statement you made:

    "Here’s a proposal to NOAA: Follow the law. Tell the truth. Do the right thing."

    The "right thing?"…..NOAA….NMFS?

    For the last three and a half years, where have you been when it comes to NOAA and as much, the NMFS, in particular the misconduct conducted by the OLE? It seems you missed the finding within Commerce Department Inspector General Todd Zinser report. Maybe we should refresh your memory about NOAA "doing the right thing"…here is a recap:

    Further in your blog:

    "High-level interagency coordination helped develop solutions in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and they can do that on a respectable scale in New England."


    From the Wall St. Journal:

    "WASHINGTON—The Obama administration was slow to ramp up its response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, then overreacted as public criticism turned the disaster into a political liability, the staff of a special commission investigating the disaster say in papers released Wednesday. In four papers issued by the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, commission investigators fault the administration for giving too much credence to initial estimates that just 1,000 barrels of oil a day were flowing from the ruptured BP BP -1.02% PLC well, and for later allowing political concerns to drive decisions such as how to deploy people and material—such as oil-containing boom—to contain the spreading oil."

    We should add here, there was something else which is so troubling withing in your statement….it had to do with the 'SOLUTION'. Maybe you should do a little research on COREXIT, how deadly it is to both marine and human life, how much was dumped into the Gulf of Mexico, and the after effects which are still being seen by the people in that region.

    To answer your initial question, "Why does this current groundfish crisis seem so familiar?"

    Read this, on the point article by Borehead from a few months prior:

    $100 Million dollar NOAA research budget theft leads to New England Cod Crisis.

    "The beginning ramifications of Jane Lubchenco's EDF resource theft for investment scheme was the hemorrhaging of jobs, small family businesses and industry infrastructure erosion. Now, the fish are feeling the pinch."

    It is so troubling when a progressive group of Americans (leftist academics, green energy money hustlers, ENGO's, left leaning philanthropic foundations and progressive politicians) schemed up and or went along in giving their blessing to a program that is foremost, economic in design, and that the conservation benefits play out over time as winners and losers are sorted out, as an American public resource is now deemed a property right and as much, a commodity that can be bought, sold and traded (those who have high catch histories and/or money can accumulate/stack permits and allocation of poundage). A true anathema to the idea of the traditional American idea of supporting small and family owned businesses in our country.

    I recommend you go over this document:

    Do property rights lead to sustainable catch increases?

    In the conclusion:

    "However, our analysis indicates that attributing these
    conservation benefits to the enhanced property rights associated with catch shares may be premature."

    Amazingly we have a doctor of Marine Biology at the head of NOAA who enjoys spinning her climate science dogma, or having trouble truthfully answering statements about a large regional fishery to anyone who will listen:

    Read – Activate Your Science; Aug. 30, 2012:

    "In Lubchenco’s universe there is apparently no danger of scientists going overboard, of unconsciously biasing their research. She seems to think that earning a scientific degree somehow transforms individuals into infallible beings who will never fall victim to self-delusion, whose judgment will always be impeccable."

    Now take a look what was written in the Oct. 7, 2011 edition of the VINEYARD GAZETTE:

    “We are finally on track to end overfishing,” she told the panel of congressmen that included Massachusetts Sens. John Kerry, Scott Brown and Alaska Sen. Mark Begich as well as Massachusetts Reps. William Keating, Barney Frank and John Tierney. “Stocks are being rebuilt and catch limits are up,” Ms. Lubchenco said. “In addition revenues are up for some but not all the fishermen. Fishermen are fishing more selectively, benefiting their bottom line and the vulnerable stocks. I believe that in fact we are making progress but not enough.”

    Don't you just love the last line, "I believe that in fact we are making progress but not enough.”

    Within less then a years time, congress is scrambling to put together a 100 million disaster aid package, and the head of NOAA which oversees the NMFS claims that we are making 'progress.'

    Interestingly enough, two progressive Democrats from Massachusetts, one Congressman Frank and Senator Kerry called out Lubchneco, with Senator Kerry stating:

    “When the government steps in and creates a dislocation rather than Mother Nature and people are selling their boats and their homes we have a disaster, an economic disaster.”

    With Congressman Frank, being more shall we say, 'frank' in what the head of NOAA just claimed in her statements to congress:

    "Calling Ms. Lubchenco’s testimony “self-congratulatory” and “resentful” of the fishing community."

    So please Mr. Coscrove from the CLF, and those others ENGO enablers who thought they were helping fishermen and the fishing industry in New England out….just step back and don't suggest, plot out, design or do anything for the time being.

    Many New England fishermen, their families, and the business in and along the coastal communities in New England, may now have to quickly make a critical family, lifestyle and business decision, because of someone else's, "best intentions."

    The New England fishing industry has survived the ravages of the foreign invaders pillaging American fishery resources off our coast on till 1976, and less then two decades later, "the slow bleed" starting with Amendment 5 in 1994.

    Who knows how much of the New England fishing industry will be left come 2013 and beyond, all because of 'unpredictable' so called fishery management programs such as what we have seen with Catch Shares, and all of course done with the best intentions for the fish and fishermen, play out over just a few years time.

    • borehead says:

      Excellent post, Ec, it seems those pampered poodles of Gang Green only worry about the things that are regulated to death, but never give a thought to the damage they do when flshing the toilet or washing laundry.
      Its the little things that mean a lot.
      Flushing the mood altering drugs, prescribed or recreational, dumps into the eco system via sewerage treatment plants that can't remove them, and then sterilizes the environment with mega tons of chlorine, and the microscopic plastics that flow to the ecosystem when dumping grey water.

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