Port Clyde lobster boat intentionally sunk for the third time since August

A lobster boat was intentionally sunk over the weekend for the third time in a little more than a month. Maine Marine Patrol Sgt. Matthew Talbot said Monday he has never seen one boat being targeted so many times. The third sinking of the Liberty, which is owned by Tony Hooper of St. George, was reported at 4 a.m. Saturday. The boat was initially sunk on Aug. 17. In that instance, the vessel went to the bottom of the harbor, causing considerable damage to its engine and electronics. The vessel was hauled out of the water and repaired. Then, shortly after being put back into service, it was cut loose from its mooring and had its hoses cut, causing it to start sinking again on Sept. 28. The boat grounded on shore and was swamped with water up to the railings, Talbot said. Read the story here 12:14

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