Millions for harbor infrastructure improvements in West Nova

nova-infrastructure-improvements“As you know, commercial fishing is the cornerstone of many coastal communities across the province and the country,” Fraser said. “In 2015 commercial fishing contributed $6 billion to the Canadian economy. That figure represents a $1 billion increase over the previous year.” Fraser said the industry employs 76,000 Canadians and that fish and seafood is now the country’s second largest food exporter after wheat. “One of the pillars of this industry is our national network of small craft harbours,” said Fraser. “Our government supports over 1,000 of these harbours across Canada in communities such as yours. Keeping each of them safe, accessible, and in good repair requires considerable time, effort, and money.” The Projects – Camp Cove (Lower Argyle), Cape St. Mary’s, Parker’s Cove, Pinkney’s Point, Wedge Point (Wedgeport), Yarmouth Bar Read the story here 08:14:50

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