Skipper blasts Faslane submarines for playing ‘Russian roulette’ with trawlermen’s lives

Trawler skipper Paul Murphy, whose boat was nearly sank by a Faslane-based nuclear submarine has blasted the Royal Navy and claimed they are playing “Russian roulette” with trawlermen’s lives. The fishermen were only saved from catastrophe when the cable attached to their net snapped. The incident brought back memories of the tragedy involving the Scottish trawler Antares which was dragged under by a Navy submarine in the Irish Sea in 1990 with the loss of four lives. Last April’s near miss saw the Karen trailed backwards at seven knots after the sub snagged in its nets 15 miles from Ardglass – one of Northern Ireland’s main fishing ports in the south east. The Karen’s crew managed to release net equipment but the accident caused it to heel heavily to port and its stern was submerged. Read the story here 13:24

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