Important: Industry Funded Monitoring Amendment Public Comments – open until Monday! Make your Comment!

fisheries-observer-e1475938712202This is the comment portal for the industry funded monitoring amendment. It’s only open until Monday, so we need to get comments in quickly. The omnibus part can apply to every fishery in the future, and that needs to be stopped. Please send to anyone else you know and get them and all their crew to write in comments. Even quick one liners. This is a big deal. And if they all thought it was only herring and mackerel originally, make sure to say that. That was the original plan but the sneaks at NMFS are trying to pull a fast one and make EVERY FISHERY PAY FOR OBSERVERS TO THE TUNE OF $700.00+ PER DAY. The Councils/NMFS have not publicized this to other fisheries or advisory panels, etc. But the omnibus part will affect every fishery. Nobody can afford that in the future, so I would suggest that you and everyone you know comment. Also even if you are a seafood consumer or run a support business. Your ability to buy local seafood and your business’s will be affected immensely. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you comment. Sorry for such short notice but this was just thrown at us and it is critical we comment before the day is over….TODAY! This has to be stopped. JH  Read David Goethels letter to understand what is at stake. 10:32

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