Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission discusses salmon fishing reforms

Washington-Department-of-Fish-and-Wildlife3Washington’s Fish and Wildlife Commission was briefed Saturday on the Columbia River salmon reforms, but took no action. Kyle Adicks of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife told the commission that studies have shown beach seines and purse seines have a higher mortality rate on released salmon than anticipated, complicating intentions to use them to replace gillnets.A new study of salmon and steelhead release mortality has been designed and the state is looking for money to pay for the research. “One of the issues if we do implement that study and mortality rates are lower than expected we still have the previous studies that TAC (Columbia River Technical Advisory Committee) and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) might not just want to put aside,’’ Adicks said. “They’ll want to consider all the information.’’ Read the rest here 15:58

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