Fishermen films millitary jets chasing UFO over Mediterranean Sea

A group of Galician fishermen were taking care of business when they heard some loud noises coming from the horizon. Apparently the footage was captured in late 2009, offering a relatively low quality image but, the streak of events that followed offer a shocking view of a UFO submerging into the Sea with military jets hot on its tail. Turning the camera on with panic and confusion, the fishermen manage to surprise what seems to be two fighting jets coming in from the right side. Over a short period of time, a UFO appears to the right, quickly submerging into the water, followed by the two jets that previously passed by the fishermen’s boat. Panic can be read on the Galician fisherman’s face, unaware of what is happening. While still in shock, the guy holding the camera surprises a military helicopter approaching the boat, with its personnel yelling at the crew to remain in position. You can’t make this stuff up! Watch the video here 15:44

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  1. Jeff says:

    They did not say stay put, the military was saying Leave this area immediately, and return to port.

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