At Sea, Under the Eyes of Cameras

Chris Brown has grown used to the five video cameras that record every move he and his two crew members make aboard the Proud Mary. Since installing the equipment in January on the 45-foot otter trawler, whenever Brown steams out of Galilee in search of flounder and other groundfish in the Atlantic Ocean waters off Rhode Island, the electronic monitoring system kicks on. Brown is one of three Rhode Island fishermen who have signed on to a program that is testing out electronic surveillance as an alternative to human monitors that the federal government requires to be on board one in every seven fishing trips in the Northeast in an effort to stamp out overfishing. The new program being led by The Nature Conservancy offers the potential for closer observation of commercial fishing, enhancing compliance with quotas and deterring misreporting. But not everyone has embraced electronic monitoring. Click here to read the story 10:51

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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    “The older you get, you worry about your legacy,”
    Mr. Brown’s legacy has been to jump into bed with these environmental groups who throw money to those who prostitute themselves to their cause while seeing his fellow fishermen up and down the east coast suffer at the hands of these self proclaimed saviors of the industry.
    Take a ride around New England to the once bustling fishing ports and see first hand the devastation these people have wrought upon this industry.
    As always, all one needs to do is follow the money. Look to where these so called environmentalist groups receive their funding.

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