Q&A – Dion Dakins on the hunting and eating of seal in Canada

Seal: Too Cute to Eat? That’s the name of a panel that took place at the Terroir culinary summit late last month in Toronto, and a question that makes Dion Dakins chuckle. Dakins is the chief executive of Carino Processing Ltd. in Newfoundland, which processed 55,000 animals for meat, oil and hides in the past sealing season. For him, the question gets to the core of the seal debate. He believes hunting seal is sustainable, humane and a necessary fisheries ecomanagement tool. Opposing him are animal-rights groups (most of them based outside Canada) that have spun the “cute” element into a disproportionate fundraising tool.,,, You say if seals aren’t harvested, they’ll have to be culled. Can you explain? click here to read the story 09:29

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