Prolific writer Stephen R. Taufen hospitalized

Stephen R. Taufen, a prolific writer on commercial fishing issues, was air ambulance to Anchorage, and is now hospitalized at Providence Hospital with an inoperable hematoma. Stephen was in intensive care for a few days, and later, out of intensive care, was lucid, and appeared to be recovering. Stephen’s hematoma began growing again, he lost consciousness and, with family advice and consent, has been removed from life support. He is the Founder of Groundswell Fisheries Movement, Advocacy Against ABUSIVE TRANSFER PRICING & CATCH SHARE QUOTAS. click here to visit Groundswell.  I love you, Brother. 18:57

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  1. United we stand,divided we beg says:

    Sending prayers and deepest sympathy at this most terrible time to the family of Stephen Taufen from the Lobstermen of Maine and the Maine Lobstering Union Local 207.

  2. Joel Hovanesian says:

    So sorry to hear this devastating news. Stephen is and has been an ally to all fishermen who have and who continue to fight against the injustices that have decimated and brought many in this noble industry to it’s knee’s. We need more Stephen Taufen’s to step up and carry the load.

  3. Borehead says:

    I just received the email I wasn’t wanting to receive. Our friend, our ally, Stephen Taufen has passed. He passed away into the comfort of our Lord, at 03:45. I am in sorrow today, and continue to reflect on the many conversations, we’ve had along the way. These were almost daily conversations over a period of years. Truthfully, we have lost a great man who cannot be replaced.
    I extend my sympathy to all that know him, his mother, his brother, his friends, and anyone that knew him.

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