Lets meet and build a consensus to have Congress enact a U.S. Fisheries Bill – Sam Parisi

I am a retired fisherman and am very concerned about the fishing future for those who are still engaged in their chosen occupation, and want to devote my time to help protect the future of those that are still fishing. As you know we are faced with many obstacles. I thought we could together fix the problems but there are so many, and the problems continue increasing. From National Marine Monuments closures, forced monitoring costs on those that can’t afford them, allocation cut backs based on science no one has confidence in unless you work for the NOAA, and now a steady wave of industries that want to utilize our traditional fishing grounds along every coast line of the EEZ. click here to read the letter 15:48

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  1. Rocky Novello says:

    Sam Parisi GREAT LETTER !! ALSO Commercial & recreational fishermen must unite to get our federal and state politicians to help fix or investigate N.O.A.A.’S FLAWED & INACCURATE SCIENCE , that is being used today for our fish-stocks assessments .

  2. Joel Hovanesian says:

    It seems to me that as what we have been saying right along, big business is looking to take over the ocean. Be it fisheries or ocean industrialization. In my humble opinion, until we get control of big money that pours into those in charge of policy in D.C. we will forever be behind the eightball. Unless someone can come up with a way to compete with the foundation dollars that pour into the swamp, we will forever be chasing our tails

  3. Borehead says:

    Sam has a great idea, and it will take a lot of input.
    We continuously witness commercial fisheries disasters, and it takes forever for those affected to receive anything. Its added cruelty with no reason.
    The bill should include a disaster relief fund, funded with S-K funding. The funds will be there seeing as the nation imports 92% of seafood consumed here. Its just a thought.
    Perhaps there should be funding included in the bill to fund a full time NOAA Oversight Committee representing independent commercial fishing interests, with funding for independent research projects.
    Its also time to bring regional council media presentations to be all council inclusive, and to include camera coverage so we the public can see who is telling us the information. I mean, why not the way monitoring is being forced onto fishing boats.
    Any ideas? Call Sam Parisi, and introduce yourselves!

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      President George W. Bush had vetoed the 2008 bill due to its size and cost. However, the veto was overridden by Congress.[9] The 2008 bill was also publicly controversial due to its high cost and the uneven distribution of subsidy money among farmers. The bill was 47 percent more expensive than the 2003 bill, and, over the previous ten years, 10 percent of farmers had received 75 percent of subsidy dollars. Some of these farm owners were then-members of Congress and other public figures, including former president Jimmy Carter, who received thousands of dollars in direct payments.[9][10] In 2007, it was found that about 62 percent of farmers do not receive subsidies from the farm bill.[5]

      10% received 75% of the subsidy dollars. Precautions would have to be in place to ensure that those who need help get it, and those with political influence do not hijack the funds. The scammers/grant pigs will be licking their chops.

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