In 2018, Thorny Issues Ahead – Fishermen versus wind farm, beach access at Napeague remain unresolved

The proposed South Fork Wind Farm occupied the attention of many residents and governing officials throughout 2017 and, if anything, will be a matter of greater debate next year as its developer, Rhode Island-based Deepwater Wind, submits formal applications to multiple federal, state, and local permitting agencies.,, Most recently, commercial fishermen and Deepwater Wind are at odds over reports by the former that their trawl nets have snagged on the concrete mats that cover approximately 5 percent of the Block Island Wind Farm’s transmission cable. click here to read the story 09:41

  • philips66

    ” Deepwater Wind counters ” with nothing but FUD and lies. There is no plus side to these massive power plants that produce the most expensive electricity of all! The thing that is responsible for cleaning our air for decades now is clean burning natural gas, which has been crowding out dirty coal & oil power generation for decades now, at a fraction of the cost of this offshore wind scam! If these morons really cared about the environment, they would cancel all wind turbine plans, and start increasing natgas pipeline and generation capacity

    • Joel Hovanesian

      For them to claim there have been no issues between the fishermen and their interloping on our traditional fishing grounds is an out and out lie. These people are not to be trusted.