Editorial: Fisheries madness

The federal government seems hell-bent on proceeding with ill-advised amendments to the Fisheries Act that pose particular threat to Atlantic Canadian inshore fishermen and processors. The importance of the fishery cannot be overstated — directly responsible for 80,000 jobs and $6.6 billion in exports — while the indirect economic impact is much greater. Yet Ottawa is hinting at major changes — especially with licence allocation — that could turn the industry upside down. >click here to read< 10:49 

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  1. Marylou Vincent Goreham says:

    I think this editorial must have been written by representatives of big business. Lots of BS here. Mr. LeBlanc is only trying to enforce policy that helps inshore fishermen retain the last viable independent fishery in Eastern Canada. DFO’s main objective seems to be to turn over all fisheries to the corporate sector. To the detriment of coastal communities.

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