Report detailing enforcement abuses barred from fisherman’s trial

The first criminal trial of a Long Island fisherman charged in connection with a federal probe of a controversial fish-auction program is set to begin, but a report detailing fisheries enforcement abuses by the government has been barred from the trial. Lawyers for Northport fisherman Thomas Kokell, charged in a multi-count indictment with overharvesting fluke, argued in pretrial motions that a 2010 federal inspector general’s report detailing abuses and “overzealousness” by the National Marine Fisheries Service was vital to the defense. >click here to read< 21:35

One Response to Report detailing enforcement abuses barred from fisherman’s trial

  1. James Catfish says:

    Should our hearts bleed for this criminal.. absolutely not.. what about the fisherman who tried to honestly bid against him at the RSA auction.. He way overpaid for access and the deliberately abused the “privledge”.
    It is my opinion, industry should collectively, bring a lawsuit against all the convicted fish thieves.. Things that come to my mind, my loss of access (now), the program was cancelled.. My loss of income due to unfair competitive advantages.. My recieveing lower prices due to an excess of fish in the market.
    Now lets ask ourselves.. Where did the fine money go?
    Are the fisherman due those fines, for their losses.. What about the people who bought those fish.. How bout the IRS.. lets get them in it..
    The problem is the fines are not high enough for this repeat offender.. The other problem is, noaa let the scheme perpetuate too long..
    For that Noaa owes the fisherman restitution as well. How many rats did NOAA let off.
    Finally,anyone who thinks NY was the only state playing the game is crazy.. Fisherman from another couple of states bid even higher prices tha NYrs.. Lets guess what they were doing??????

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