The Women Bringing Sustainable Lobster Fishing Into the Future

For Heather Thompson, lobster fishing is the family trade. As a fourth-generation lobsterman, she captains an all-female crew aboard Gold Digger, her fishing vessel in Harrington, Maine. Using sustainable practices that help Red Lobster maintain its commitment to traceable, sustainable and responsible seafood, Thompson helps ensure that future generations will live a life where the sea provides. >click to watch< 15:40

One Response to The Women Bringing Sustainable Lobster Fishing Into the Future

  1. Gerald Young says:

    Mrs Thompson congratulations on your commercial with red lobster. Now just like you and I are both new Englanders I live in the heart of Boston.Are you and your companies like coke,Pepsi,Frito lay?????? Can I request a sampling of your world now and before lobsters????? Answer no we don’t do that smh trying 2 b funny but I would love to try your lobsters as I do @ red lobster. Let’s see. My gmail is their and I’m not allergic to lobsters signed Mr Gerald Young. You ain’t gonna reply in my favor…. Million dollar co. Ty 4 the we can’t do that!!!!

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