Study shows depleted fish stocks can come back from the brink What a difference in articles!

( It turns out, in fact, that the resilience – the ability to recover from overfishing – of a fish stock is enhanced, not hurt, even if it has been moderately overexploited for decades, offering the possibility of swift recovery if sensible catch limits are placed on it. Philipp Neubauer, a postdoctoral scholar, and Olaf Jensen, an assistant professor of marine and coastal sciences, say the key is in the adaptation of fish to over-fishing. A fish stock is over-fished if its numbers fall below half the level needed to sustain maximum harvest. continued

 “Canada’s cod, and many other depleted fish, unlikely to recover” By Margaret Munro, Postmedia News

 “Study offers bleak outlook for fish recovery”  Aly Thomson, The Canadian Press

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