Sheldon commits to fight for local fishermen’s livelihoods

Count me in the Sheldon camp for the coming election (Mass 9th Congressional District= South Shore/Cape Cod).

His opponent, incumbent Bill Keating hasn’t done a thing to help the fishermen that are being hammered by big government over-regulation!

Sheldon in 9th promises attention to New Bedford |

He won’t forget our fishing industry either, and will carry on the work of Barney Frank and Sen. Scott Brown not to see our local fishermen’s livelihoods strangled by NOAA. In fact, Sheldon feels so committed to this that he promised recently on a WBSM talk show to put his main district office in New Bedford.

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  1. philips66 says:

    “Being our nation’s top port is not enough,” Mr. Sheldon continued. “There are still dozens of boats, hundreds of fisherman and thousands in the fishing and seafood industry that would be producing even more if only NOAA would get out of their way and let them do their job. The science and models used to determine fish populations are flawed, the conflicts of interest at NOAA are rampant, and the solutions being offered by Bill Keating and others are nothing more than short-sighted band-aids that ignore the long-term impact of flawed regulations.

    It is time we sent a Representative down to Washington, D.C. that understands the science, will bring checks and balances to our flawed regulatory system, and that truly stands on the side of the fisherman rather than NOAA and its team of bureaucrats, environmentalists and power hungry enforcement officials.”

  2. borehead says:

    I can't get the article. I've used up my ten articles for the month.
    He's right about conflict of interest. Listening to the ENGO whores this morning, the ones that have created this fake crisis, I think its time to really spank them.
    They have created the environment of mis management.
    The NESC is only concerned with covering up the flaws of methodology.

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