Fishing insider embraces new role as Vineyard Wind liaison

In 12 years, research biologist Crista Bank spent a lot of hours at sea aboard local fishing vessels, but never once heard wheelhouse chatter about the industrial-sized wind farms planned a dozen miles south of Martha’s Vineyard. “It wasn’t really a topic of discussion,” said Bank, the new fisheries liaison for offshore wind developer Vineyard Wind. “You would think it would be, something this huge on the horizon.” Even for her, deep in research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth School for Marine Science & Technology, the magnitude of what will be Vineyard Wind’s $2 billion, 106-turbine offshore construction project didn’t sink in until she happened to pass five turbines off Block Island two years ago. >click to read<14:01

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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Don’t believe a word that comes from the mouths of these wind shills. I have personally dealt firsthand with their lies and deceit.
    Big dollars equals big corruption. History tells us this.

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