Trump signs Coast Guard bill into law, includes Jones Act waiver for America’s Finest

When Dakota Creek Industries took America’s Finest out for its first sea trial on Tuesday 4 December, it looked like the 264-foot vessel was taking a victory lap. The Anacortes, Washington-based shipbuilder held an event that day to celebrate the Jones Act waiver elected officials were able to get for the processor-trawler. Later in the day, U.S. President Donald Trump signed the Coast Guard Authorization Act, which contained the labor provision, into law. The process itself is not quite finished. The Coast Guard will get 30 days to review information  >click to read<12:56

2 Responses to Trump signs Coast Guard bill into law, includes Jones Act waiver for America’s Finest

  1. Loren Lundquist says:

    Well I do not want to see DakotaCreek go bankrupt, they are to important to the community, employe hundreds high pay jobs , fine them tell them next time they won’t be so lucky

  2. Elliott says:

    I’m glad they got the waiver! They build beautiful boats and keep the community going. Shit huge companies can literally do what ever they want things that arnt even in the same realm as what DAKOTA Creek did and they are let off or bailed out all the time. Bottom line doesn’t matter where the hell the steel came from the ship yard guys still busted their ass building that beautiful boat so at the end of the day does it really matter !! TRUMP IF FOR SOME REASON YOU MIGHT READ THIS YOU SHOULD WRITE A LITTLE MORE ON THAT BILL, YOU SHOULD PUT AN END TO THE CRAB RATIONAZATION IN THE BERING SEA! Sign into law open access fishing again where whonever worked the hardest usally did the best & you got paid fair for doing the #1 most dangerous job in the world. Bc the way it it is now the guys who were literally made Millionares over night are now taking an 80% “Lease Fee” on something that was given to them! So for every $1m made the owners of the quota take $800k right off the top then the leftover $200k pays all expenses AND THEN THE CREW GET PAID!! On average outta $1m boat gross after crew did all the work they get to share in about 9-11% so crew make around $10k for every $1m where historically the crew would take home $40-$60k for every $1m!!! Rationalization of crab is F&@kin CRIMINAL!!

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