Monday evening (May 6th) Narragansett Town Council Meeting on Deepwater Wind

The AFL-CIO president for R.I. sent out a robocall today encouraging members to come to tomorrow night’s meeting in support of Deepwater’s request to make a landing on the mainland in Narragansett.  My family received the robocall.  I wanted to give you all a heads-up.  I do not see why a national labor organization is getting involved in this project and it just looks like another example of the alliance of Big Government, Big Business (and now Big Labor) trying to shove this project down Narragansett’s (and Rhode Island’s) throats.   It is now more important for you to reach out to ALL your local contacts to make sure they attend tomorrow night’s meeting.
SO, MY NEW FRIENDS:  If you have friends or colleagues who can come to Narragansett, please encourage them to come to this meeting.
Deepwater and their connections in Providence need to know that we will not be intimidated.
Just for you information,  the former CEO of DWW testified under oath at the PUC Docket 4111 hearing that this project will results in SIX permanent jobs.
Hundreds of millions of dollars, degradation of our ocean and our beaches, our fishing grounds, our way of life, so they can make buckets of money and give our economy and state SIX PERMANENT JOBS!!
Thanks for whatever you can do,

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I respectfully request as many from the fishing industry as possible to turn out and engage on this issue. Your voice needs to be heard by all present. Thank you.

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