Fish fleeing for cooler waters spells trouble

sct logoThere is “terrible, terrible” news this week for anyone involved with the world’s fisheries, says Peter Shelley of the Conservation Law Foundation. .”I think the managers have done a pretty lousy job in managing fisheries even when the ecosystem wasn’t changing,” Shelley told me Thursday. “As far as the prospects for improvement when it is changing, I’m not hopeful.” continued

Interesting to note that we’ve been managing the fisheries for around 40 years, and this new study should be enough to make the enviro’s understand that killing off the New England Ground Fish Fleet by blaming them as the culprits of eco doom very well could be wrong! This important study is vindication. I think Peter Shelley and the role the enviros have played in fishery management must be scrutinized. Time to lean in hard.

Not to mention the huge increase our Canadian brothers are seeing in Ground Fish!!

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  1. - Moderator says:

    Shelley said the migration of fish is going to increase the chaos in fishery management.

    Why is that, Peter? Are you guy’s working on your new strategy?
    The chaos will be on your end.

    Whole fishing industries will be seeing their fish replaced by other fish that came from another fishery. “Does this mean that they will surrender their fishing history to New England fishermen?” Shelley asked.

    Time to change that part too.

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