Cod Crusader Carol Adams wants Scots to boycott French produce

She believes consumers should stop buying wine from France’s best grape-growing regions, Champagne and Camembert cheese because French retailers are turning their backs on Scottish fish. The row sparked when the Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association (SWFPA) claimed French fishers had applied pressure “through political routes” to make sure France’s largest retailers only purchased their catch – including fish from Scottish waters – at auction. SWFPA chief executive Mike Park said: “The genesis of their actions is unclear but understood to be linked to poor returns for a quantity of French fish. “What is clear is the impact their actions will have for Scottish fishermen, with exports of fish to France now reduced to very low levels. >click to read< 17:18

David Duguid: Coronavirus putting “huge strain” on sector – There is no question that the Covid-19 crisis is putting huge strain on our seafood sector. Boats that should be out fishing are tied up in harbours across the north-east. >click to read< scroll down.

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