CLF – Why We Need to Fight for Cape Wind. Now. The Koch Brothers! The Koch Brothers! It’s always the fracking Koch Brothers. Dry up, you Ninnys

11 years. That’s how long we’ve been waiting for the promise of Cape Wind: clean, renewable energy; new, green jobs; reduced air emissions and carbon pollution; energy at a predictable price over the long-term; and energy security. At a time when the evidence of global warming is overwhelming, and the need for jobs critical, unleashing the potential of this home-grown offshore wind project can only be a good thing.

bore head

October 3, 2012 at 2:47 pm

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This editorial is not accurate. This project is environmentally irresponsible. How any environmentalist can ignore the damage to the eco system that they crucify fishermen over, is obscene. To ignore the assult of the ocean bottom that will be supported with your short sighted position is revealing. 80% approve? Hogwash. This is an ocean destroying industrial complex.

Lets see if they post it.

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  1. borehead says:

    Posted For Barbara Durkin:_This is CLF's desparate attempt to advance the Boondogglef Cape Wind to construction. CLF has lowered the bar in their appeal to base instincts like jealousy, envy and contempt for the Koch brothers because they recognize Cape Wind lacks merit. __ _ _I agree with this Post that this editorial is inaccurate. Cape Wind is entirely environmentally irresponsible and requires a get out of jail "taking" permit to harm the wildlife the wind lobby suggest this project will save. __ _ _Mass Audubon has announced that they will implement the Adaptive Management monitoring and mitigation plan for Cape Wind. In lay terms that means MA Audubon will count bird carcasses (in the sea?) caused by and funded by Cape Wind. Their staff scientists have estimated bird kill in Mass Audubon testimony by Cape Wind as up to 6,600 avian mortalities per year. _ _ _ _CLF supports the killing of up to 6,600 birds per year by Cape Wind. Thusly, CLF supports up to 6,600 violations of a strict liability criminal statute per year by Cape Wind. __ _ _To save us from the great tsunami? Global Warming,,,I mean Climate Change? Or perhaps to save us from the invasion of the jellyfish? _ _ _ _Will CLF Ventures find profit in the wind business? Or have they already?

  2. EC NEWELLMAN says:


    I was a select invitee for input into the New York State – OCEAN ACTION PLAN meeting two weeks ago. This group was three coordinators from the DEC and four people, myself, one MRAC counselor and two fishermen representing a large Long Island fishing club. I can pass along that there are very big plans already moving through process on such issues as wind power, and that it is just a matter of time before designated areas for wind farms are setup in a number of sites around Long Island. I have written in the past about the slaughter of migratory bird life that just happen to get near the "cuisinart-like" swirling blades, but it seems that there is a much bigger agenda here ($$$$$$$$$$), with certain conservation groups now embracing wind power. I will say here, that it seems that most states along the coast will have to deal in one form or another with various green energy projects, and that to minimize public opposition, there may be some "accommodation" made for fishing interests, with the possible lifting of the exclusionary zones around the farms, As far fetched as fishermen could imagine, the making of an artificial reef in the wind farm areas with rocks purposely dumped around these structures, was also discussed. Bottom line is it seems those who have investments in wind power production, do not want the delays as seen with the Cape Wind project. Its all about big investment money and the resulting profits for both big business and as much the states. The most we fishermen can do, is try to take a seat at the big table and have some constructive input into the outcome of these projects. By the way, we were told, the Cape Wind project – initial wind farm area, has been moved from the original site where there was a good deal of rock structure, to now a sandy bottom area. Maybe someone you know can verify this. Anyhow, if we get another four years of Our Dear Leader – Obeyme, figure on these projects moving very quickly from the planning table right to the designated areas off our shores.

    EC Newellman

    • borehead says:

      Hi Stevie!I'm once again having trouble!Intense debate says I'm not the moderator!I'm running it down, and will appove, and elevate you to author, so you won't be delayed with your posts! I'm real happy to hear from you.This offshore wind sham is a leftover ENRON scheme.Don't know if you know of Barbara Durkin, but she is the ultimate wind activist.They will not be allowing commercial fishing in those areas, and thats my major concern. With all the closed areas, this will mean less bottom.I'm not keen on constructing any industrial complex out on the ocean,.They have alreadt proven they work on land at a fraction of the cost. Fight these greddy interloping bastards!Well, thats my thought, anyway! :)

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