Chasing Chinook: following Idaho’s migrating fish from the “Ocean to Idaho”

Kris Millgate has been traveling like crazy lately. Her schedule is relentless, similar to the migrating fish she is following. There’s little time for showers — maybe every 10 days — just stop for gas and get going. She sleeps by herself in the back of a loaned truck and camper.,, “I’m following salmon,” Millgate said. “I’ve been researching it for months and months and months. I feel like I’ve been living, breathing everything fish. This time of year, you have 15 hours of light. So, you’re working 15 hours, and I go back to my camper and input everything so I’m up all night. It’s kind of like a crazy crunch, but I love every minute of it. I’m not even tired like I think I should be.” >click to read< 15:14

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