From surf to turf – ‘Codfather’ Carlos Rafael nets real estate deals

Carlos Rafael used to own one of the largest commercial fishing operations in the US before he was taken down in 2016 by federal agents disguised as Russian mobsters. He sold the last of his fishing fleet in February as part of a settlement with the federal government keeping him out of the industry for good. Now the Dartmouth resident says he is planning to restore the Hawthorne Country Club on Tucker Road to its former glory as a function hall, and has already set plans in motion for a new 149-unit apartment complex for residents over 55 on Hathaway Road. “Actually, the government did me a favor by putting me out,” Rafael said. “I ended up with a bucketload of money out of the deal, and instead of having the money in the bank, I’m investing it.” >click to read< 10:42

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